Entering the New Year

Murat Mirgün Ercan
2 min readDec 28, 2020

I am with you with a short article

As I enter the new year, I aim to beautify my new year with beautiful and minimal goals. These goals are not high but more motivating.

Let’s see what I did this year and what I couldn’t. First let’s look at my github statistics. As can be seen from the picture, I have been active recently, of course, this is effective in my university entrance exam.

Secondly, I started university and now I am active in student communities. When I looked at the past, I realized that it was not very full during the quarantine times, but I had a good pace from the beginning of the summer holiday and I gained a lot of knowledge and experience, and next year I aim to add information to this information, for example, I will go into API writing topics on Kubernetes, which I always postponed, and work in the field of Cloud Development.

Before entering the new year, I started to make the first preparations by renewing the design of my site.

A frame from the new design: my site’s link

What awaits me in the new year.

  • I aim to be more active in the open source area and many commits and pr’s are waiting for me on Github.
  • I will work on many technologies to be a speaker at many events and Devfests and I will use my Youtube channel more actively to share them.
  • Thirdly, I aim to do more active project work in the Startup adventure and go abroad as a summer internship.
  • And I will simply use Medium more actively from now on :)



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